Make the most of your cancer guardian membership so you can live your best genomic life!

Cancer Guardian is an innovative membership program that brings together the most advanced genomic technologies with highly personalized one-to-one cancer support not typically available through health insurance. With a range of “Day One” features like our hereditary risk screening test, you’ll be empowered to proactively manage your health even if you never get cancer.

You Don’t Have To Have A Cancer Diagnosis To Utilize Your Cancer Guardian Membership.

As a member, you have access to valuable services starting from the first day of your membership, including:

Cancer Information Line

(844-MyGenome) Speak with an oncology specialist for cancer related questions, concerns, risk-mitigation strategies, or caregiving guidance.

Medical Records Platform

Access a secure online resource to consolidate all medical records to share with medical experts as needed.

Hereditary Risk Screening*

Understand your genetic risk for hereditary cancers, cardiovascular diseases, and other conditions by ordering your clinical-grade, 147 gene test. See below for more information on how to access your test.

How To Order Your Hereditary Risk Screening Test

  • Follow the directions in your welcome email to order your Hereditary Risk Screening Test through our partner Invitae. Feel free to contact us if you can’t locate your Welcome Email or need any assistance ordering your test. 844-694-3666 (844-MyGenome)
  • Download detailed instructions on requesting your test and what to do when you receive your test in the mail


What To Do If You Are Diagnosed With Cancer

Don’t wait, call today…

If you are diagnosed with cancer, contact Genomic Life as soon as possible at 844-MyGenome. A member of our Cancer Support Specialist team (they are all experienced Oncology Nurse Navigators) will be assigned to you so you can start taking control of your diagnosis and get the support you need.

Your dedicated nurse navigator will develop a personalized support program with you and your medical team to optimize each step of your treatment journey. This also includes NO COST access to:

Comprehensive Genomic Profiling of your cancer to help determine the most effective treatment options

Expert Pathology Review to confirm your diagnosis

Clinical Trial Navigation to assist you in finding the best treatment available

Financial Navigation to help locate resourses for which you may be eligible

On-site Nurse Advocate to accompany you to a doctor visit

*Date of access to Hereditary Risk Screening varies by plan. Contact us to learn more about your particular membership plan.

*Date of access to Hereditary Risk Screening may vary by plan and payment structure. Contact us to learn more about your particular membership plan.

Cancer Guardian and the American Cancer Society are collaborating to drive more research dollars to find better treatments for cancer.  Enrolling 1 million people in Cancer Guardian will result in $600,000 donated annually to the American Cancer Society.

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