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Comprehensive support when you need it, peace of mind when you don’t.

Finding cancer resources in health care systems is notoriously complicated. Cancer Guardian provides a comprehensive program from support services, DNA testing, and technology needed to more effectively manage and navigate the confusing cancer landscape.

Cancer is too big to go it alone

Cancer Support Specialists

At any time, you and your immediate family have access to the Cancer Information Line to ask any cancer-related questions, concerns, risk-mitigation strategies, or caregiving guidance. If diagnosed with cancer, you are provided with:

  • A Dedicated Oncology Nurse Navigator
  • Expert Pathology Review
  • On-Site Nurse Advocate (one visit)

Advanced DNA Testing

This hereditary risk screening identifies elevated genetic risk for cancers, cardiovascular, and other conditions with a 147 gene DNA test.
If you are diagnosed with cancer, you’ll have fully funded access to Comprehensive Genomic Profiling, one of the most advanced approaches to help guide cancer treatment. This test examines the DNA of the tumor, analyzing over 300 cancer-related genes for mutations that can help guide oncologists to personalize treatments and immunotherapies.

Cancer Navigation Technology

The cancer journey can be confusing and financially devastating. Cancer Guardian provides additive white-glove support through:

  • Medical Records Platform
  • Clinical Trial Explorer
  • Financial Navigation

A First-of-Its-Kind Cancer Benefit Program

We enable our members to live longer, healthier lives.

Cancer Guardian is a transformative membership program that helps in the prevention and management of cancer.

Understanding Your Personal Hereditary

Understanding your personal hereditary risk for developing cancer and having access to comprehensive cancer support is essential for you and your loved ones. Cancer Guardian will empower you to identify individual genetic risk and provide resources to support longer, healthier lives.

Time is of the Essence

Time is of the essence in preventing and fighting cancer. Cancer Guardian provides day one benefits that can be utilized immediately, as well as valuable features that are made available if a cancer diagnosis occurs in the future.

Protect Yourself and Your Family

Protect yourself and your family with advanced cancer support. Both you and your family will have access to our team for cancer related questions, concerns, risk-mitigation strategies, and caregiving advice.

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