The Need

As an employer, you need a cancer strategy. Cancer Guardian provides the innovative resources your employees need when they need them.

Cancer is one of the leading drivers of healthcare costs and has a significant impact on productivity and time from work within the workforce.[F1]

A First-of-Its-Kind Cancer Benefit Program

Enhance prevention, early detection, and optimized outcomes.

Your greatest strength is your people. Implement a corporate cancer solution to provide to your employees when they need it most.

Cancer is 

A cancer diagnosis for an employee or their family can be devastating, lonely, and confusing.

Finding Accurate Information

Employees dealing with cancer spend 9 hours per month on average (often during work) researching cancer cures and other cancer related topics. [F5]

Personalized Treatment

The standard of care is typically a one size fits all approach. Access to advanced DNA testing and cancer care advocacy are not typically covered by insurance.

What Employers Are Saying about Genomic Life

Give your employees access to potentially life-saving support.

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