Comprehensive Cancer Support

Cancer Guardian is a proactive health program that can help prevent and manage cancer by combining the power of genomics with the personalized support of expert cancer navigation resources.

Unlike health insurance, Cancer Guardian services require no deductibles, no co-pays, no denials, no waiting, and no additional out-of-pocket expense. The cancer support program provides services not typically made available or covered by health plans. You can take advantage of these services and resources from day one of membership. The program does not pay for routine healthcare or treatment costs, but it does cover all costs for the various services and genomic tests that are part of the Cancer Guardian program.

The Program

Cancer Support Specialist

Starting day one, you and your immediate family have access to the Cancer Education and Information Line to ask any cancer-related questions, discuss cancer-related concerns and risk-mitigation strategies, and get guidance if you’re caring for someone with cancer.

If diagnosed with cancer, you are provided with:

  • Oncology Nurse Navigator
    A dedicated oncology nurse who provides individualized, one-to-one diagnosis and treatment option support and concierge access to other features of the program
  • Expert Pathology Review
    Improve the accuracy of your diagnosis
  • On-Site Nurse Advocate
    An oncology nurse advocate can accompany you to a medical appointment to provide emotional end educational support (one visit).

Oncology Nurse Navigator

Use of an Oncology Nurse Navigator can improve patient satisfaction.[B3]

Clinical-Grade Genomic Testing

Persons carrying mutations for hereditary cancer syndromes are at significant increased risk for the development of cancer and these tumors occur at younger ages compared to the general population. [B2]

  • Hereditary Risk Screening
    On day one, you have access to a 147-gene clinical-grade genomic test that can identify elevated genetic risk for hereditary cancers, cardiovascular diseases, and other conditions*

    *Date of access to Hereditary Risk Screening may vary by plan and payment structure. Contact us to learn more about your particular membership plan.

  • Comprehensive Genomic Profiling (CGP)
    If you are diagnosed with cancer, you’ll have fully funded access to Comprehensive Genomic Profiling, one of the most significant and advanced innovations in treating cancer. This test is very detailed explaining the genomic findings to help cancer doctors understand treatments that are likely to be most effective at an individual patient level.

    Up to three Comprehensive Cancer Genomic Profiling tests are included in the program because cancer can mutate over time.

1 out of 6

people are found to have a significant genetic health risk when they undergo the 147 gene panel proactive health screen test.[B1]


Cancer Guardian utilizes proprietary technology to improve your healthcare experience and to help reduce the practical and financial burden cancer presents.

Cancer Clinical Trial Explorer

Our Oncology Nurse Navigators utilize best-in-class real-time, automated clinical trial search and eligibility software to maximize your chances of enrolling in a clinical trial should you be diagnosed with cancer.

2% to 8% Rates

Only 2% to 8% of cancer patients enroll in clinical trials currently even though patient participation in clinical trials is vital for cancer research.[H1]

Medical Records Platform

Available immediately on becoming a member, a secure, cloud-based solution for consolidating, storing, and transmitting all your medical records.

Electronic Health Platform

Using an electronic health platform can help provider better manage patient care.[S1]

Financial Navigation

Another best-in-class software solution allowing your nurse team to source, interrogate, and enroll members in financial assistance programs, and estimate and mitigate out of pocket expenses to reduce the likelihood of falling into cancer-related-treatment debt.

$92K Loss

Two years after a cancer diagnosis, 42% of patients depleted their entire life’s savings. The average patient saw a loss of $92K. [E2]

Why Cancer Guardian

Cancer is too personal, costly and confusing to go it alone.

Access to Relevant Expertise

Understanding cancer at the genetic level and having access to relevant expertise and resources are important steps to improved outcomes and longevity. Unfortunately, service gaps in the healthcare system put cancer patients at risk for misdiagnosis, ineffective treatments, financial strain, and disease progression.

Lifetime Risk

1 in 2 males and 1 in 3 females will develop cancer in their lifetime.[A7]

Personalized Support From Experts

It starts with a comprehensive genetic assessment. Genetic counselors explain your genetic test results to help your doctor develop a Clinical Action Plan to help manage any identified increased risks for various cancer types and cardiovascular disease.

What Members Are Saying about Cancer Guardian

Cancer Guardian and the American Cancer Society are collaborating to drive more research dollars to find better treatments for cancer. Enrolling 1 million people in Cancer Guardian will result in $600,000 donated annually to the American Cancer Society.

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