The Need

Empower employers to provide their staff with access to genetic insights and support for better health.

Through Cancer Guardian, employees can identify their genetic risk in advance and address the challenges presented when dealing with cancer. Cancer Guardian solves the problem of awareness, access and affordability to services that can help improve prevention and outcome.

Cancer Is Too Big To Go It Alone

Cancer is a Complex Genetic Disease

About 1 in 6 people will be found to carry an important genetic mutation that increases their risk of disease using a 139 gene multi-gene testing panel. About 1 in 13 people carry a cancer risk gene mutation.[B1]

Understanding your genomics can play a significant role in better outcomes and longevity. Unfortunately, gaps in healthcare services, coverage, and awareness can put cancer patients at risk for misdiagnosis, uninformed treatment decisions, financial strain, and disease progression.

Cancer is Challenging to Navigate

Less than 8% of adult cancer patients participate in a clinical trial.[H3]

Access to cancer genomic profiling, expert pathology review, and clinical trials enrollment takes an experienced support team not typically covered by traditional health plans.

Cancer Can Be Financially and Emotionally Devastating

9.5 million estimated newly diagnosed persons with cancer who were over 50 experience large financial burdens. An average patient suffers a financial loss of $92,098.

Two years after a cancer diagnosis, 42% of patients deplete their entire life’s savings.[E2]

A First-of-Its-Kind Cancer Benefit Program

Show employers why they need a corporate cancer strategy.

Cancer is the leading driver of healthcare costs and has an extensive impact on productivity and presenteeism within the workforce.[F1] Developed by industry experts, Cancer Guardian is a first-of-its-kind cancer benefit program that allows you to offer employers a competitive edge while helping them to save costs.

Deliver Value Through Advanced Technology

Cancer Guardian is an innovative benefit program that brings together the most advanced DNA testing technologies with personalized cancer support not typically covered by traditional healthcare. It is an unmatched service for employers seeking to truly differentiate their benefits offering, manage costs and support employees.

Education and Engagement

Cancer Guardian’s expert team of oncology specialists provide best-in-class training and support of the program for brokers, employers and employees. From cancer prevention to navigating the cancer treatment journey, we are dedicated to making ‘personalized medicine’ truly personal.

Concierge Services

Cancer Guardian provides an end-to-end program for employers and employees. From education and engagement, to developing a personalized cancer plan if diagnosed, Cancer Guardian is founded on service and is a program that you can be proud to promote.

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